Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Choralerna - Gud gav mig en sång

A christian band mixing some pop and gospel into their regular repertoire of mind numbing hyms. These types of bands seems to have been widely popular in sweden during the 70s. In this live recording however, the band steps outside the box and gets some straight B-boy breaks going. The crowd is chanting in swedish and if you don't speak it just imagine that they are cheering at someone doing a backspin instead.

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Anne said...

Years ago, I bought an album of your beaitfull music here in England and loved it. After many house moves, I lost it. For many years since then I have been searching for your music but could never find it, then low behold this morning I found you on You Tube. I listened to your music again,it was like finding a loved long lost friend. I am so thrilled. It was a glorious experience hearing again. Jesus touched my heart like living waters flowing through me as I listened to you sing. Your ministry in Jesus is very close to God and so powerful. I am really blessed.

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