Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ex-Tras, King Sporty & Connie Case - Get On Down

A Proper LP from a proper recordstore - no bargain bins here. This is how I like my disco, gritty, funky, slamming bassline and great hook. This french LP from 83 contains 2 amazing tunes - "Get On Down" and "Haven't Been Funked Enough", both avaliable on separate 12" from the Konduku label but here you get them both on one LP. A real money saver. Or just download Get On Down here by clicking the divshare logo and use your money on candy instead.


damian said...

your blog is awesome man! thanks a lot!
Could you upload more songs from the album "Better Late Than Ever" by per erik hallin please?

Cooltrane said...

Ill try and remember to post the other good track of that LP sometime soon.

Damian said...

thanks man

Noman said...

Never heard this. Great quality too! Thanks

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