Monday, October 3, 2011

Combo 8 - Vibrationer (Full LP)

This is one rare piece, can't be more than a few hundred pressed - newer up for sale but I don't think that demand is very high either. Found this in a thrift a few weeks back and its not really my thing but still a interesting record. Couldn't find it online so I ripped the whole thing. Hard to label but improvised funky fusion-jazz with a prog vibe is close enough, released in my hometown Gothenburg in 1976. My choice cut here would be the jazzy "Mardröm" (Nightmare in english).

Whole LP here (If this link is dead, please ask and I will re-up it.)


S Park said...

Tack som fan! Grym blogg för övrigt!

Simon666 said...

thanks for this :)

Niklas said...

Yes, grym platta och grym blogg :)
Had problem att unzippa låt #2, är det bara jag eller filen?

Cooltrane said...

Hey. Verkar funka fint, testa att ladda ner igen. Funkar det inte så maila:

Anonymous said...

can you re-up please

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