Friday, June 18, 2010

Sylk - Sylk


I Just Want To Know You Name

I moving so this will be my last post for some time, when my records and recording gear is back on track ill get posting again. So I'll go out with a bang. I got this LP from Ebay a while ago, some dude was selling a "LP lot - black artists". I spotted this in his pic and somewhere in the crate digging part of my brain bells went of. A week later I got this and a Rockie Robbins LP in my mail for 12$, bargain! The seller ripped me on the shipping but I let him know he sold a 600$ record for 12$ as payback. Anyway, this is some seriously rare private modern/boogie business released on the label Earthquake out of South Carolina. Whole LP is good - there is a little something for everyone. Boogie, soul, funk its all in the mix here. It was difficult to decide what tracks to post so I ripped the whole shabang - get it here. Enjoy!

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Watermelon... said...

Thanks, I guess I just came across this blog entry just as coincidentally as you found the record yourself :-) I thought I would never hear this album. Thanks a real lot!

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