Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sticky Stuff - S/T

80s hard rock? Sure looks like it judging by the cover. And thats not a white rat shes chewing on - its the "sticky stuff" that the group likes so much they named themself after it. But looks are deceiving as many times before. This is a mini LP with rahter slick sounding 80s Hall & Oates-esque pop/disco/soul/boogie, released in sweden 1984. It seems that the record didnt sell many copys and its now in demand by the italian and french weirdos that like anything that could be labeled as "boogie". Thats why I ripped all the tracks for a change, I haven't seen any digital version of this elsewhere.

You'll Never Make It

Jump With The Monkey

Who Do You



raremarc said...

hey cooltrane, it seems that people they're too shy to say thanks hehe

Im enjoying so much listening all the songs you posted, nice disco and soul very funky and very very groove. thanks a lot for the effort, nice ear for the music, yeh!

keep it cool :)

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!! lol
keep the good music comming!

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