Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Modern Sound Quintet - Sugar Daddy

When you hear the word steel drum music you probably think of this. Music played for tourists downing coctails on a cruise ship in the caribbean. Well here is something different - a mix of jazz and funk recorded in Sweden and released in Finland incorporating steel drums. And it sure is funky, with some editing this track, entitled Sugar Daddy, could be a real killer. Im not sure but this might be the same dudes that later released this as the Modern Sound Corporation? Also a swedish only release. There can't be many copys of this around, great artwork on the cover as well. Make sure you crank up that volume when the drums kick in!


Ercan said...

Hallå eller? HALLÅ ELLLERRRRRR!?!?

cmbanks13 said...

for somne reason i cant download it?

Cooltrane said...


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